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A new web presence isn't about catching up, it's about getting ahead. Your project is not one-and-done; it's about continuous improvement.


Let's plan the project roadmap as well as post-launch promotion.

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We'll need to ask the right questions and disect your industry.

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Beautiful design sells, but user engagement sells more. We provide your brand with a new level of depth through enticing and educational interactions.


We strive to exude your brand characteristics through an extraordinary design.

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To increase sign ups and sales, users may need to understand how something works or is made.

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Powerful technology and talented developers equals quick turnaround and reduced costs for all parties involved. In this industry, if you're not changing, you're falling behind.


Web sites and mobile apps are made beautiful inside and out.

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Content Management

Craft CMS is the preference over Wordpress and ExpressionEngine due to both its usability and its power.

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Envision the future
Design that shines
Cutting-edge technology
Beyond Now is a small, passionate web and mobile design company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Website Design & Development

Our websites are hand-crafted, built from scratch so that they're not only easy for you to manage, but also provide a measurable return.

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Mobile App Design & Development

Whether you're looking for a convenient way to send notifications to customers or wanting an online ordering system, we can help.

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Web Strategy & Content Services

Your website or app need care before, during, and after launch. We help you with promotion, traffic, content such as photography, and more.

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We also provide SEO Optimization, Hosting, Maintenance, and have partners who can help with Photography, Video Production, PPC ads, and Social Media Marketing

Good plans are often the result of a succinct step-by-step process.

Beyond is well-organized and thoughtful so that working with us is both a breeze and a joy.

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