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2017 and The Year Ahead


2017 was a year of many wins and many loses, many firsts and many lasts. My hope for 2017 was “a year of growth”, and what I got was a both “a year of life” and “a year of learning.”

From the billboard-connoisseurs to the cashflow-tycoons, from the basement-offices to the well-guarded corporate offices… 2017 gave a sample of nearly everything.

Part of my personal philosophy is grounded in forgiveness and the letting go of people’s mistakes. Looking back, I can rarely see anything except my own mishaps and lapses in judgement. I believe this helps me see things in truth, and to discover my own problems more quickly than others.

In this light, it’s no surprise that 2018 is full of new plans and exciting projects. Investing in our outreach, our human resources, investing in our communications and upcoming opportunities will all come together to support a vision for 2020.


Of the many improvements coming next year is a new pricing model. Many companies categorize their projects both internally and externally according to budget and scope, and we’ve opted for a model of our own which should serve our unique target markets. While our pricing is largely Cost-Plus in nature, our model will be separated into 2 main packages: Express and Beyond.

Express projects will sit on a lower price range and will be great for those in need of micro-sites, subsidiary platforms, and prototype applications. Express projects get the same care and attention as our larger projects but are frequently smaller in scope. This will allow companies to gain an edge on their goals for a project without breaking the bank.

Beyond projects won’t receive more care and attention, but will be classified as having a larger scope, timeline, and resources required. These projects will involve many hands and are usually intended for major digital overhauls, large sites with an abundance of content, and most production-ready applications.

New Site

In addition to new marketing initiatives taking place throughout 2018, we’ve begun production on a major overhaul to our own web site.

Currently, our main site is text-heavy and lacking the communications we’ve been supplying our clients. It’s our goal to position Beyond and market our unique services much more effectively next year. 

There will be information about the digital marketing landscape and our place in it. We’ll explain the difference between various SEO companies and how different ones do different things. We’ll show our weaknesses and our strengths among other companies in the industry, revealing the reasons why you may (honestly) prefer one of our competitors.

Digestable visuals, team and content expansions, packaging, forms, and organizational improvements are all underway here to ensure that the quality product you’ve come to expect can be consistently achieved at high levels.

Here’s to new relationships, better investments, and perhaps… A Year of Growth!