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A Long Story

When Beyond started, it was all about the technical ability. There was little in the way of plans, but there was much in the way of detail. Getting work and owning it like it was ours was the focus of the company.

When you focus on your work that way all your life, your life becomes best practices. Alex was not strategizing in any real sense, but he was deeply passionate about the work. It needed to be done the right way, the new way, every time.


Growth and Direction

Beyond Now was always about moving forward. Beyond Now stands for the future. Growth for us came from the inside-out. Growth was not easy.

Baumann Building

Beyond helped Baumann bring the outstanding quality of their homes through to their w...

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Year after year, we match with select clients who need our solutions done our way. We search far and wide to apply expertise in every area. We work diligently so we can achieve more in a day’s work.

Beyond Now
Beyond Now

Crafting Effective Solutions

Having started out as a hands-on, technically-oriented business taught us more than we could ever express. Orchestrating the talent that achieves that work through strategic design defines the company as it stands today.

Let’s take a look at your future.

Exemplary Design
Content Management
Integrations & Functionality
iOS & Android
Security & Quality Assurance
SEO & Content Marketing
Social Media & Email Marketing
Photography & Film Production

Whether you're looking to get started immediately, planning for next year's budget, or simply interested to know Beyond a bit better - we're happy to hear.