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A Long Story

The year could've been 2000, when Alex's interest in design was first piqued. Maybe the year should've been 2012, when he first began developing on a professional level - bringing designs to life every single day. Instead, the year was 2016, and the time was right.


Growth and Direction

For many years, the mantra had been "product". Alex had been creating web products for much of his life, most of which were either never launched or failed upon entry. Each and every project brought his design and technical capabilities to the next level, but his business models were never spot on.

Baumann Building

Beyond helped Baumann bring the outstanding quality of their homes through to their w...

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When the right time came, he started singing to a new tune. A tune that he knows well, a tune that he's heard echo in many different places, and it's a tune that works for its clients.

We call it Beyond Now.

Beyond Now
Beyond Now

Crafting Effective Solutions

Years of experience designing, developing, and implementing plans for both local and highly-competitive non-local landscapes has led to a uniquely thorough process. Our process page is only a high-level overview of what is actually a much more detailed 8-step process with many internal sub-processes.

Also baked into our approach is a need to protect our clients from all this complexity by involving them at only a few specific stages in the project.

For us, moving to our first office to facilitate collaboration is next on the todo list, and investing for the 2020s is our primary focus.

Exemplary Design
Content Management
Integrations & Functionality
iOS & Android
Security & Quality Assurance
SEO & Content Marketing
Social Media & Email Marketing
Photography & Film Production

Whether you're looking to get started immediately, planning for next year's budget, or simply interested to know Beyond a bit better - we're happy to hear.