Business Solutions

Focusing on Collaboration

Assets was focused on collaboration from the beginning, and that focus shined through all of its features. Real-time comments, rankings, invites and more enabled an experience which is delightful for teams.

Targeting Niches

Assets was originally intended for brand agencies to collaborate on their logo concepts with clients but eventually expanded to photographers who had proofs to be sorted and ranked. The app was focused on large imagery and providing the content its space to flourish.

Accessible Anywhere

We made sure that Assets was available for meetings, presentations, meetings, as well as the classic behind-the-desk scenario. This led to Assets for Apple TV, iOS, and Web.

Project Scope

Software Services

  1. Database Design
  2. API Development
  3. Cross-Platform App Development for Apple TV, iOS, and Web

Bridging Gaps

Assets Beyond Now Llc 5
Assets Beyond Now Llc 3
Assets Beyond Now Llc 2

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