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A Proper Platform

Ammie has grown For His Glory from nearly 5,000 followers to over 300,000 in only a few years, in the midst of preparing, publishing, and promoting her new books. People love what she has to share, but without a good web presence to back it up, it can be hard for many readers to be seriously attracted to her brand.

We decided to help her in this department and walked her through our process step by step to craft something that she'll love for years to come.

A Classy, Feminine Vibe

Our Discovery research brought us through a variety of different directions and possibilities, but ultimately we found the right path for the brand and the future.

Newsletters and the Prayer Wall

Most of our sites aren't just intended to build your brand by design, but also by functionality and interaction. For His Glory has integrated a newsletter that includes a free eBook for new subscribers.

We also took the time to build out a Prayer Wall where others can come and share their praise, needs, and hopes. (Feel free to post anonymously!)"

Project Scope

Web Services

  • Full Design
  • Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Support & Maintenance

Care Shines

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Ammie Bouwman Beyond Now Llc 6

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