Business Solutions

A Novel Approach

Reeviewr took a brand-new approach to online music reviews by enabling users to exchange reviews rather than pay for them. It offers a unique paradigm that continues to engage users for years.

In-Tune with Users

In order to satisfy our unique target, we built in unique features such as SoundCloud integrations. We made sure that the site appealed to them through the branding and that we sourced our users from places they liked to be.

Social and Connected

Reeviewr is built to be social and connected, with following and liking be a central component with review-exchange system. You can not only meet your reviewers, but you can become a fan with ease.

Project Scope

Web Services

  1. Coded Design
  2. Payment Integrations
  3. Social Integrations
  4. Mobile / Responsive
For Users

Engaging Interfaces

Reeviewr Beyond Now Llc 5
Reeviewr Beyond Now Llc 3
Reeviewr Beyond Now Llc 2

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