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Baumann Building

Beyond helped Baumann bring the outstanding quality of their homes through to their website and to prospective buyers.

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Their Quality, Correctly Communicated

Baumann Building has long been one of the best custom home builders in the greater West Michigan area, and anybody who has a chance to browse their wonderful portfolio or take some time in their beautiful office can attest to this.

Most online visitors weren't experiencing The Baumann Difference however, and partially because their previous studio hadn't taken the time to build an online presence worthy of the brand. Beyond took that time, and now Baumann stands out to anyone looking for a custom home in the area.

New to Custom Homes?

We re-organized their site, added new content, and assessed current difficulties and misunderstandings that prospective customers commonly have.

One of the new pages we designed is the New to Custom? page where people on the fence about which way to go can learn more about the benefits but also about Baumann's advantages.

Simplified Management

Beyond their client-facing experience, we made sure to really simplify their content management experience. Baumann was previously on WordPress, and while WordPress can be made easy by certain shops, it does usually turn out to be a hodge-podge of plugins and very difficult to control.

Now every single thing on the site is editable, and easily so. There's no running from page to page, there's no need for CMS Training. We'd love to demo this for you.


Whether you're looking to get started immediately, planning for next year's budget, or simply interested to know Beyond a bit better - we're happy to hear.