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Beyond built a powerful music review platform where members can exchange feedback on each others music and network with other artists.

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Solutions to common problems

Artists are constantly on the look out for new listeners and the valuable feedback from honest people.

Beyond enabled Reeviewr to attract customers quickly with a great design and exciting features.

Custom features play a vital role

Choose your reviewers by demographics such as age, gender, and favorite genre.

Ask your questions and pick from multiple choice, rating, and essay-style questions.

Integrations produce a seamless customer experience

Tightly integrated with SoundCloud so that artists can import their music directly from an account they already have.

Sign up and sign in with Facebook or Twitter, earn or purchase points, and use these points to post a track.


Whether you're looking to get started immediately, planning for next year's budget, or simply interested to know Beyond a bit better - we're happy to hear.